Blitz Speed Training

It's no secret  Speed Kills!   When your considering athletic attributes of size, strength and speed.  Make Speed your #1 focus!    Fast athletes have an advantage.  Quick athletes are a force to be reckoned with on the field, diamond or court.  As your speed increases so do your opportunities.  If you are not working to get faster you are not serious about taking your game to its highest level!

 Fusion & Fusion XL 


Fusion (2 day) & Fusion XL (3 day) are combined speed & strength programs that blend Resistance Training & Speed Development! We offer a rare opportunity for athletes desiring to increase power and explosion to get exposed to age appropriate instruction in resistance training.  We use wobble boards to improve balance and enhance neuromuscular development.  Stability balls, medicine balls & kettle bells for core focus.  Along with isometric (body weight) exercises, an introduction to Olympic lifts & dumbbell work.


After time spent building the body, we enter the second phase of the session, speed development!  Each day our athletes focus on improving their power, quickness & agility.  We love to mix it up each work out, utilizing ladder drills, hurdles, accelerations, plyometrics, resistance bands, sand training & hills sprints.

Dynamic Speed for ages 7-11

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Small group & Privates


 Our foundation building Speed program is designed to enhance quickness & agility in young athletes.  In all sessions there will be a proper warm up, core and body weight resistance, speed development, running tech, linear & lateral speed drills and coordination focus.  


Elite Speed:

Ages: 13 & up

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Small group & Privates


Elite Speed is advanced Speed Development.  Focused Sprint and form correction, attention to detail, maximum effort training.  Sessions are conducted in a high intensity atmosphere.  Many athletes that we have put through this program have gone on to play college sports!