FBC Blitz Basketball Club

2019 Club Highlights

YBOA 3rd Grade #1 in the Country!     YBOA 5th Grade National Champions!

YBOA 7th Grade State Champions!     YBOA 8th Grade State Champions!

Our style of Coaching

We coach with passion and purpose!  We are detail oriented, encouraging, motivating and focused.  We have a plan for every practice and strive to draw the best out of every player that is a part of our organization!  We are not afraid to challenge our players.  We have high expectations and we do expect our athletes to rise to meet those expectations.  We will provide ample opportunity through repetition to build skills, understand schemes and grasp all team concepts.  

Our Style of Play

We plan on being very aggressive offensively and defensively. We wear down opponents mentally/physically by using a variety of schemes!  Fluid passing, sound decision making and unselfish team play is vital to our team's success.  We will run a style of offense that allow us to attack the basket from every position!   All players will share ball handling responsibilities and strive to create points on every possession! 

Our team Development

We want to enhance all our players abilities, including but not limited to: b-ball skills, mental toughness, basketball IQ and their will to win!  Winners don’t win all the time.   However, learning from tough losses, working through the ups and downs are a vital part of the winning process.  We will help them work through the stress of intense competition and learn how to manage their emotions during intense moments of the game.

Our club players will receive specialized training beyond practice that will involve Basketball Skill Development, Shooting technique, Ball Handling, agility, strength and position specific training.  We will go above and beyond to help our players be better mentally and physically.

Our Club Code of Conduct

Each of our teams will exude a spirit of unity.  They will treat each other and their coach with the utmost respect.  Coaches in turn will also treat their players with respect.  We have zero tolerance for cliques, bullying, social media bullying, shaming, vaping, drug/alcohol use etc.  Players will not humiliate or ostracize their teammates.  Players, coaches, and parents act as representative of the organization and must carry themselves accordingly.    All parents and players will always carry themselves with dignity and deal responsibly with other teams, their parents, tournament officials and referees.  Stay tuned for our SEB Club Parent Handbook! 

Our amazing Coaching Team 2020

Coach Rashid Gayle

Coach Lavon Flood

Coach Marcus Tate

Coach Brenda Caine

Coach Jon Rogers

Coach Don Overall