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Winter Break Basketball Skills Camp 2019


Use this Winter Break to sharpen your basketball skills!  While the competition is resting on beaches work on ball handling, agility, footwork, defense and shooting skills!  There Is No Off season!  

  • Ball Handling
  • Shooting 
  • Essential Footwork 
  • Passing
  • Position Focus Guards & Posts


Speed & strength!

Speed & Agility

Each session athletes get a  proper warm up, core and body weight strength development, footwork, agility and speed!  We coach, correct and encourage our athletes on their running form, Sprint technique and effort.  Players train in sand, on turf, work with medicine balls, balance boards, execute explosive jumps, sprints and a variety of skill enhancing drills!  

Train Hard & Eliminate Excuses!

Now is the time to take advantage of this season! Commit yourself to the growth process & sling shot to the next level! Sign up for one of our speed, agility & strength classes and overpower the competition!  Fine tune your sport specific skills and outshine your opponents!


What are you waiting for? Train Hard & Eliminate Excuses! Sign up today!


 Either your moving forward or falling behind!  We offer incredible programs that provide unique training regiments that feature sand training, resistance, agility, speed tech, lateral quickness and plyometrics!   Get settled in, then come train with us to stay stay sharp and get an edge on the competition! 

This is Sand Training!

Blitz Sports: 500 East Rope Mill Rd Canton Ga 30115         Coach Rashid Gayle: 404 925 7521