Blitz Sports Knows Basketball

Now is the time for players to focus on the essential basketball skills to improve their game!  Triple Threat is a 6 week training camp! We'll be working on ball handling, shooting, footwork, passing, agility, quickness and core development!    



Athletes will get plenty of: crucial shooting reps,  ball handling, defensive techniques and competitive drills!  Coaching provided by Lavon Flood with speed and agility provided by Blitz Sports! The clock is ticking, its time to transform your game!


Elite Open Run is an Competitive Scrimmage opportunity for High Level players.  Athletes get a chance to compete against skilled athletes but with specific goals in mind daily. 

  • Ex Feeding the Post
  • Pass & Curl
  • Swinging ball for an open 3pt Shot
  • Dribble Drive Attacks & Kick Outs

Year round Programs           August - July

Basketball 101: Is our Fundamental Skill development program that focuses solely on the Basics for beginners.  We patiently teach hand placement for dribbling and shooting.  Proper footwork and movement for making shots, lay ups and passes.  We also help these rookies understand how to maneuver with purpose on the court, so they can compete right away!

Skillz & Drillz: Is a Skill development program that focuses on basketball skill mastery!  Athletes get the opportunity to work in groups beginner to Intermediate.  Through out the year we work with athletes ages 9 - 12 teaching skills ranging from basic fundamentals like: proper shooting stance and release to combo skills that create separation and allow you to slash to the basket.

Specialized Group Training

Tryout Preparation is training designed to help the individual athlete showcase their skills and practice the crucial aspects of the game coaches tend to look for.  Every player has specific strengths and weaknesses they bring to the table.  Court awareness, ball handling, defense, quickness, leadership, poise under pressure, etc.  We want our athletes to be confident and boldly display their skill sets while at the same time demonstrating that they can work within the coaches scheme.

About Coach Lavon Flood:

  • 4 year starter @ Virginia State University 1994-1998
  • All CIAA Conference First Team
  • MVP of 1998 VSU Men's Basketball
  • Finished in VSU Top Ten all time steals, 3 pointers, & 3 pt percentage
  • Ranked 6th in country in steals in 1998: 3.1 steals per game
  • International Professional Experience: Venezuela
  • 10 years of Coaching & Instruction Experience